Bean burritos

Easy dinner made from leftover beans! 1 cup of beans 1 cup of rice (cooked) 1 cup of salsa a-cupa, cupa, cupa! Oven on 375 This made 6 burritos. I just laid out the whole wheat tortilla put a little beans, but a little rice/salsa (I mixed them together), dash of cheese. Topped with a little more cheese once they were all wrapped up. Bueno! They were suprisingly light for bean burritos...must be the whole wheat tortilla! I had mine with a side salad (just bagged salad w/homemade hv ranch). I'm out of spinach and green monsters for the past couple days. I can REALLY tell it in my energy and my mood! I feel so much happier when I drink them..and I find that very strange. I did a 2 mile Walk Away the Pounds Dvd while the kids napped..despite the fact that I REALLY wanted to nap with them! Now I've got energy that I need to be using on laundry and dinner for tonight! I'm gonna go hop to it!


Ivy said…
That burrito looks so good. I like chicken and cheese too. Slrrrrp. :)