B is for Beans

I'm at work and I didn't take a picture of my lunch..so this post is sans photos..sorry! I want to talk about beans. I grew up with what we call "Soup" beans. It's not until I'm in year 5 of marriage that I finally have mastered cooking them as well as my parents do. Even Husband can cook them now too! Super simple- Bag of pinto beans into a pot of water, bring to a bowl, strain, put back in the bowl, cover with water, toss in a ham hock and let go on low for hours (adding water as needed). My favorite way to eat a bowl of beans is with chopped onion and hamburger meat. My Dad loves to eat them the way I do, but adds cornbread. My Mom doesn't like raw onions, so she just does meat and cornbread. I could have probably figured out the 'recipe' years ago..but I JUST converted Husband to soup beans about 6 months ago. Husband eats them more dry, and less soupy-with hamburger, onions, and mustard. Today for lunch I didn't have hamburger or onions...but I did manage to squeeze out about 7 mustard packages and add some black pepper. Beans are SERIOUSLY healthy. Fiber, protein, lots of good for you stuff! So eating the bowl of beans doesn't make me feel as guilty as eating a big ol' cheeseburger. Here is a great link on the nutritional breakdown of Pinto beans that I found really interesting! Notice that it's like 53% of your daily tryptophan? I'd love to take a nap....blame it on the beans! And the toddler..and the infant! Again, sorry for no picture! However tonight, Bean Burritos and there WILL be pictures of that! Oh..one more thing..one bag of Pintos is like 2 cups (and super inexpensive) and makes a TON. So you'll have plently of leftovers. Husband and I both had big bowls last night for dinner, both took it for lunch today, and I'm incorporating it into dinner..and we've STILL got enough for tomorrow's lunch. So it's not just black beans in a salad or a burrito, or white beans in a chicken chili...go for a whole bowl! Healthy and....entertaining... *sings* Beans, beans, the magical fruit!!


Erin said…
Thanks for stopping by Fierce Beagle, and for your lovely comment. So glad it connected with you. Also, this post was very informative. I've always been afraid of dried beans, mostly because I had no idea how to cook them. Problem solved!