No meat can be a treat!

Ok..lame blog title..but this meal really WAS quite good! We're massive carinivores at our house and this doesn't have one bit of meat! olive oil/butter cremini mushrooms zucchini sun dried tomatoes onions baby spinach tomato basil fettucini mozzarella salt/pepper YUM. Chop the veggies however you want to. I'm a fan of quartering the onion, and halving the zuc so you can get the little 1/2 moon shapes. Into a saute pan goes about 2T each of butter and olive oil-then this order Onions (for a couple minutes) Mushrooms (ditto) Zucs (again) turn off the heat and toss in your baby spinach and your sun dried tomatoes. The sdts in this dish were really an after thought...and that thought was "it needs something else..some 'bite' "..I had about 2 T in the jar in the fridge so in it went. Have you been cooking your pasta while you cooked your veggies? I hope so! The juice from the cooking veggies + whatever is left of the butter/olive oil makes a nice little saucy-wetness for the pasta. I topped with diced was just a nice little change from shredded pre-packaged! Delicious. SO summery and delicious!


Ivy said…
Lovely picture!