All juiced up!

So in my quest to eat healthier/lose weight..I broke out my JLPJ
If the websites I'm checking are correct this 16oz glass of juice that I drank this morning has 7 servings of my fruits/veggies for the that means..I'm done with that part of the pyramid!
10 carrots
2 large apples
1 cucumber
1 inch of ginger
='s 4 cups of juicey goodness! I've drank 2 so far...I'm eager to guzzle the other 2, but I'm not sure if that would be/will be smart for my gastrointestial system.
One thing that I think is important to mention that I've found about the Green Monsters and Juicing. The natural happy and the natural energy I get are just awesome. I did Green Monsters for about 3 days, then I skipped for a few days and I noticed a HUGE dip in my energy/happy level (='s pissy and tired).
I haven't been at this long enough to show a weight drop or totally clear skin. My hair and nails are still good b/c I'm still taking prenatals since I'm breastfeeding Baby #2. So I'll let you know when/if I see big changes!
Enjoy your Saturday! It's sunshiney here in MO!


Anonymous said…
I am one of the last people to try Green Monsters but everyone says such good things. I love your juice concoction this morning. Looks delish!