Turtle Cheesecake Cookies

So has anyone tried making the cheesecake cookies yet? If they aren't on your "to bake" list...they need to be! In the meantime one of husband's co-workers gently challenged me the other day to try to do a 'chocolate cheesecake cookie'...so I thought about it...and I thought about stuff I had in the pantry...and I came up with this little goodie! Tweaks to the original recipe...easy peasy! In the cookie dough, with the 'dry'-add in a 1/2 cup of cocoa powder. Then instead of filling with cherry pie filling (Or other nummy fruit) fill with 1/2 T of caramel ice cream topping and some crushed pecans. After they cool drizzle them with melted chocolate (which I suck at, does anyone have any tips on making drizzling easier for me?) and toss some more of those pecans on top! I think as far as family and coworkers go...the Turtle variation got more raves than the original cherry! Personally I like the HUGE contrast of the tangy fruit and the sweet cookie...but the Turtle was a nice change. :)


Ivy said…
You are so on to something and they look really decicious and have made me super hungry.
Anonymous said…
Put your chocolate to drizzle in a zip lock baggie and then seal it. Cut off a small piece of the corner and drizzle. Works great!