My first fondant adventure!

So a girl here in town that was having a baby sprinkle caught wind that I made cupcakes on the side and asked me to make some for her party. Flattering!! I asked her what she had in mind, and if she had specifics on what she wanted them to look like..she sent me a picture...and it had fondant cut outs. *chews nails* Fondant scares me. Or at least it did. I promised her I'd do my best and I got to work. Lesson 1-it takes ALOT Of brown coloring to get THAT brown. Lesson 2-it didn't stain my hands too bad. Lesson 3-it was alot easier to roll out/cut than I thought. Lesson 4-if it gets a little tacky or sticky just toss down some powdered sugar.
Lesson 5-let them dry out a bit.
Lesson 6-it takes alot LESS pink to be pink! Lesson 7-adhere together with water.
Ta-da! Here are all the pretty babies all dolled up with their little fondant cut outs! A dozen minis and a dozen standard.
They were a hit at the party! I'm so glad the new mommy enjoyed them, and glad to have another cupcake "skill" under my belt!
Just as an FYI the frosting was cream cheese, and the cake was vanilla butter. Nothing too extravagant, but dang tasty!


CB said…
I love the fondant flowers. The brown+pink turned out so cute. Congrats to the expecting mother!
gorgeous fondant flowers! I love the pink and brown combo :)