Twice Baked Tuna Melt Potatoes

Wait what? How many times did you read the title of the post? But that's what it is..honestly! And in my humble (and pregnant) opinion...delicious. So how did I come up with this baby? Well... back in HS my favorite lunch day of the month was the Tuna or Bologna day. No really...I never got the bologna (for the record I don't do bologna unless it's a) a certain brand-Eckrich, and b) fried..moving on...) The kicker to this day was you got a baked potato with your choice of sandwich...AND a cup of See where I'm going with this? I LOVED dunking the tuna sandwich on it's soft white bread into the hot cheese. Whatever cheese was left was put on the baked potato. Out of HS and no school lunches later my good friend Marcy (who is almost like a second Mom) started making me (I say me, I think I just happened to come over one day when she'd made them for lunch and decided from then on they were mine) Tuna Melts. Her Tuna Melts are perfect..although she doesn't even credit herself for the recipe. They are broiled to get the cheese all melty and just divine (esp with a bowl of cream of chicken soup). if you aren't completely gagged out already at the background..keep reading..I'm hoping I'm not the ONLY one that digs this as a supreme comfort food. Also...I take advantage of the days I don't work and am home with the kiddo to make stuff I KNOW the husband won't eat. Stuff the husband would literally turn his nose up at, but stuff I love. So it's pretty basic. I cheat when it comes to "baking" potatoes. I microwave them. That's just how I was raised. One medium baking potato takes about 7 minutes. I scooped out the innards and added about 2 tablespoons of butter, 2 of shredded cheddar cheese, and 1 of sour cream and filled the skins back up. In the tuna salad is super simple too-(this makes way more than you need for just ONE potato...I'll be eating it all week) 3 cans of light tuna (in water) Eh...4-5 tablespoons of mayo (sorry..I've never really measured) 2 tablespoons pickle relish-this is where it COULD get interesting. Marcy uses DILL pickle relish in her melts and they are heaven. But when it comes to just eating tuna salad (which I admit sometimes I just do out of the bowl) I kinda like sweet. Today for my salad I ran some of my Dad's lime pickles through the mini chopper and it made for a wonderful sweet tangy addition that normal "sweet" pickle relish lacks. Put about 1/4 cup of tuna salad on top of your re-stuffed potato skins, and top with more shredded cheddar cheese-pop under the broiler until cheese is to your liking...I like it bubbly and barely brown. In my humble (and again pregnant) opinion. It was a perfect marriage. If you try it..let me know what you think!


Ivy said…
Haha, that's funny! I did read your title a couple times to make sure I knew what I was reading.

Looks delicious!

So happy your pregnant! :)