New Moon cupcakes

I have never professed to be a decorator. Ever. In fact even after this I STILL don't call myself that...but I think these did come out cute! When my Aunt got me Hello Cupcake and I saw the "wolves and moons" and with New Moon coming out just around the corner..I knew I had to make these for my standing date with my best friend!
The cake part was Chocolate Almond (it was a doctored mix, but I'll be happy to post it soon)
The icing was from a can.
So I did something new. I loved my bestie's reaction to the cupcakes, and we had a great time at what I thought was a GREAT movie..WAY better than the first!


Sweet Sins said…
I think they look awesome!! I still have yet to see the movie!! but I swear I will one of these days...