So this is love...

I recently stalked, erm...discovered a new blog that I'm obsessed with Everybody Loves Sandwiches -she's got alot of recipes that I'm convinced that I'm in love with before I've even tried them...but when I saw Pina Colada Fruit Salad...I knew it would have to be my first...
and ooooh what a first.
I love fruit salads...and I'm always verbally commiting to 'eat' healthier...more fruits...more veggies....if fruit is this...I have NO problem whatsoever.
Pina Colada Fruit Salad
(her original recipe-my changes set off by asterix)
1 small pineapple, diced *one large can of diced pineapple-I can't use fresh b/c the acid messes up my mouth big time!
1 basket of strawberries, sliced *about 3/4s of a container of strawberries, diced
3T unsweetened angel flaked coconut *I used sweetened
3T honey
4T amber rum *I used 1T Bacardi, 1T dark rum, and 2T pineapple juice (from the can)-I've got an alcohol allergy (lame I know)-so I couldn't add too much
1t vanilla extract *I don't own the stuff, I use mexican vanilla, just a tiny bit...the white stuff (not the tastes cinnamon-y)
This stuff is
I can't wait to eat more of it tomorrow once it has set overnight and gotten even more cozy.