Iron Cupcake!

*crickets chirp* That's right kids, I didn't get it done for November. The theme was cranberry...the only thing I could really come up with would be putting some sauce in the middle of a cuppie and go from there...but I kinda did that with the jalepeno challenge. *sigh* It was a busy month...and I've neglected my blogging, and my baking (although my waistline still doesn't show that). Enough of my pity party..and onto the point of the post... I feel like a politicial campaign, and I know we're all sick of those-but just to let my cupcake constituents know-I fully support your vote for I Heart Cuppycakes!! I voted for her, and I think you should as well! Not only is she supa-dupa creative, a blogging buddy of mine, and an owner of cute bunnies...she's a ffaaahhhaantastic (in my best Dr. Cox from Scrubs voice) baker. How do I know this? Well....I make her red velvet cupcakes all the time and they are the best ever. I tried a couple different recipes for Red Velvets and they always didn't turn out right...but hers...RIGHT on the kissa. Perfection..each time. (I think her tip on sifting is really key!). So...go vote...seriously. And vote for her! Here!


Leslie said…
Love the Dr. Cox voice!!!!
grace said…
i feel the need to say that even though dr cox is a cruel, cynical man, i love him. and scrubs in general. :)
CB said…
Aaawww you're so sweet to be my cupcake PR! Thanks for your PSA and vote. PS. Dr Cox is a rockstar.
Ivy said…
It's ok, we all have REAl lives. Blogoland can be secondary sometimes. :)
I got your pepper butter. It was a lovely surprise for a dull day I was having. I will be thinking of what special thing I can do with it. Thanks again.
CB is a pretty awesome lady! ;)