Cat competition

We've got 7 cats. (That's didn't read it wrong...7 cats now) I guess it's a goal of mine to get a picture of each one with a cupcake. Although I think the picture of Trump in the header on this page is my favorite..b/c he really looks like he's savoring the cup...this one of our kitten Tangelo with this mini cup is awful cute too!


mommyholly said…
Oh my GOSH this is cute!!! I have a new kitten, as well as 3 other cats, so I get the kitty thing hehe!! Im sure my little one would love a bite of cupcake... he got into a box of graham crackers last nite LOL! He eats ANYTHING! :) xo!
grace said…
7 cats! i'd be happy with just one, but my cruel landlord forbids it. i'm thinking about moving just for that reason.
cute picture. :)