Review and preview

This past weekend was Husby's best friends birthday, so we went out to celebrate. Twice. First we met them (and some of their family) at Westport Flea Market. It was good company and good food. Husby had a philly cheesesteak (he's on a huge kick of those lately), and I had the KC Famous Chicken Panini...carmelized onions, grilled chicken, red peppers, and gooey cheese all squished into some thin foccacia. Yum! The sammies were accompanied by curly fries..which we opted to put cheese on..b/c come on..cheese makes EVERYTHING better! That evening we reunited (sans babies) for a wine tasting at Wines by Jennifer. Oddly enough I had worked in Parkville at one point, but never really discovered how many quaint shops and such it had until later on. Where Husby, BF and wife opted for the wine tasting menu (6 wines from various French regions-2 whites/4 reds)-I went for a Riesling. To me it's like ordering Chicken Strips at a new restaurant-you know you'll like them, it's a safety pick. I know I like Riesling, and I was very happy with it indeed (I actually think it was a German one...). During the tasting we had some yummy treats-beef summer sausage, an assortment of 5 different cheeses (available there in the store, but from Osceola Cheese (which is heaven for me, btw...) black pepper cheddar, chocolate cheese (that's read it right.), cranberry cheddar (my favorite of the plate), dill Havarti, and for the life of me I can't remember #5. We also had baked Brie...but it wasn't your good. Jennifer shared with us how she made it.... Pillsbury Cresent Roll dough slices of Brie spicy apricot spread lay out a triangle of dough, put some of the spread on, put the cheese in, and top with another triangle of dough...baked til golden. It was awesome!!! Yumm! Jennifer has a HUGE wine selection, cleverly separated into different regions by room (and decorated accordingly too)-cute wine themed shirts/hats, and a little food shop with cheese and other noms,it really is such a charming shop and experience! If you find yourself in the KC area and are into wine, it's a must stop! While Husby and I didn't take a bottle of wine home, we did take a bag of Pretzel Dippers home (the Onion Blossom Horseradish flavor...loved it!). They are from Robert Rothschild Farm (most of the stuff in her food shop is). And from the link I discovered he's also got gourmet cupcake mixes...might have to try that out! Coming up...Chicken Tenders...two ways!