Chicken and a love-child

We're trying to watch our we're amping up the lean protein and the veggies. Below is a yummy meal we had recently. Chicken Tenders w/ cheddar and Pepper Butter over mixed italian veggies. Easy peasy to put together! Dredge your chicken tenders in flour and just pan fry them in a little olive oil. When they are golden on both sides (I did about 5 min each side) top with some pepper butter, and shredded cheddar, then top the pan so the cheese melts. My mixed veggies was actually a little steamer things that we got at the grocery, but it was JUST the right amount for the two of us... What's this Pepper Butter I'm talking about? It's like mustard and relish got together and had a spicy love child. I can it, and I'm not just's amazing. I'm working on getting some smaller jars to can some up in...but I'm very tempted to do a giveaway if someone is interested...hrmm? Am I tempting you? This stuff is good on about everything...pretzels, turkey sammies, pork roast, chicken (however you want to make it)...crackers. Seriously...the ultimate condiment (if you are already a mustard fan). I sell it at a local shop in my town and I'm hoping it will really take off!