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Mom's Raspberry layer cake w/Chocolate Cinnamon Frosting
(NOT as difficult as it below)
Since I got on MY baking kick...those around me have too...and since Husby is trying to insist on a baking hiatus (we're both trying to lose weight)..other people take advantage of my NOT bake. About a month ago I guess I made some really yummy cupcakes. They tasted a great deal like those Hostess Orange cupcakes (yum!) Mom loved them. So she calls me and says "I took a page from your book and made a cake today". How'd I make the orange cupcakes? Well...white cake mix and a packet of Kool-Aid (I'll make them again w/pics and full recipe..although that kinda IS the full recipe..anyway...). Here's approximately what Mom did- White cake mix 'tub' of Crystal Light Raspberry Ice mix (by tub I mean the little foil top tub that makes 2 quarts of drink) make the cake according to the box directions, but add in the tub of stuff. Bake in two layers. Her frosting...well there is no exact recipe for Mom's frosting.. the standard 'shortening' frosting recipe..(shortening, a little butter, and a LOT of powdered sugar), plus cocoa powder and cinnamon. You'd be amazed what you can do with a cake mix and a drink flavor. It's quick and easy...and no..not really 'homemade'...but works in a pinch. Thoughts?: The raspberry cake w/ the choc/cin frosting is good. Like a Raspberry and hot fudge sundae almost!