And i don't even really LIKE berries...

A few months ago I was awoken from a sound sleep with a baking idea in my head. See...I've just recently become obsessed with cupcakes (courtesy of my pal Ms. Yummie've just started tinkering with recipes and playing with making cupcakes...but what I'm actually "good" at...or so I"ve been told...are pies. In fact when the idea was brought up on Pushing Daisies about "cup-pies" I felt ripped off, b/c I had been thinking of that for months before it was even mentioned on network tv!

But there I was suddenly jolted out of my sleep and in a pregnant stupor I stumbled into the kitchen and started in on my first batch of cup-pies.

Husby is all about throwing things away, so on the rare occassion that I DID make cupcakes and I'd keep the foils, he'd pout and say "why not throw them away?" my retort? I'll find SOMETHING to use them for. And cup-pies are just that.

So I broke out my trusty pink-plaid Betty Crocker and flipped to the much used recipe for pie crust (double pie crust). I always make a double batch b/c I can always find something to make a pie out of. I made up the crust, separated it into to balls and wrapped them in wax paper and put them in the fridge for a bit. I've found..and this might just be me...if I make the dough, and let it "set up" for about a 1/2 hour before messing with it, I get a better result. Also...when it comes to pie food processor is my best friend. I have a pastry cutter, but that is too labor intensive, when I know I can just put it all in the processor, and drop my water through the top and with a couple good turns it will whir itself into the pastry cutter needed (in fact I might sell it at the next garage sale).

Still half asleep, but with the dough balls made I started searching the fridge and freezer for WHAT to put in these most popular requests for pies are my Buttermilk and my Apple...but I had neither component. And there in the back of my freezer I saw something that had been there for awhile (at least a good 8mo since my last 'diet' attempt)-a bag of frozen berries...a tri-berry blend of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Eureka! And then the idea of the Triple Lemon-berry cup-pie was born!

I put about a cup of the frozen jewels in the microwave and set them to thaw, and once mushable I transfered them (and their juice) into a sauce pan with a Lemon Zinger tea bag, about a teaspoon of cinnamon, and 3/4 c of brown sugar...and I let that bubble away til it got nice and sticky-ish. Then I let it cool. But I turned on my oven to 350.

Over on the table I rolled out some of my pie dough, and lined my cuptin with the foils..I had found a glass in the cupboard that I "thought" would I made bottoms and tops for the little pies and started assembly.

It's not exactly easy..the best way to do it is to kinda unfold your foil and press in your dough round, then put it in the cuptin to reform it and smooth out the creases.

I put enough of the filling to fill, but not enough that it would goop out when baking.

And I pre-slitted the tops, which I then attached to the already filled bottoms.

Here is a shot of them "pre" oven. Not all topped yet..but you get the idea.

Since this was my first attempt I wasn't too sure how long to let them go in the oven..I think I ended up with them in there for about 45 minutes. With me alot of my baking (and cooking in general) is less by the book and more by feel.

The end results...delish! And as the title of the post implies..I don't even like berries that well..I really don't. The seeds and such...but the combo of the three berries, the lemon tea flavor, and I guess the more subtle sweet of the brown sugar made for a wonderful combo! and in a flaky little pie crust. Num-num!

Husby, who isn't a berry fan either loves them. And his Mom after tasting them, paid me $4 to make her another 1/2 dozen. Sweet.

And plus...just HOW cute are they when you quarter them up??

Of course you don't HAVE to quarter them, b/c just like anything else cupsized, it's really easy to just jam the whole thing in your mouth!


Cakespy said…
Oh my!! These cup-pies are simply adorable! (shh don't tell cake I said so!)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE berries and these look so great. SO CUTE too!